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The unique Waitplate™ System helps you and your family make positive, lasting changes to your eating habits.

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Welcome Back to Sensible Eating

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  • I now eat smaller mouthfuls and smaller portions of the foods I love. I make healthy food choices with the result being that I am two dress sizes smaller and feel fabulous.

    Caroline, 31
  • My husband and I feel very inspired because we have been given the tools to enhance our new way of eating.

    Paul and Zara, QLD
  • I have become conscious of the importance of portion sizes and bite size and I realise now how much food I actually don’t need which is quite surprising.

    Mike, 29
Waitplate - Welcome back to sensible eating

The Waitplate System Simply Works, for Good.

  • Suitable for the Whole Family
  • No On-going Costs or Expenses
  • Still Enjoy Your Favourite Foods
  • Dramatically Improve Eating Behaviour
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Two Women enjoying the Waitplate Weight Loss System System

How does the Waitplate System Work?

Waitplate™ products are an aid in the correction and re-education of portion sizing and most importantly the excessive "speed of eating" which current research suggests is one of the most accurate predictors of adult obesity.

Losing weight and changing your eating habits do not always mean giving up your favourite dishes and desserts. At Waitplate, we believe the best way to stay healthy and manage compulsive eating is by following a healthy weight loss program focused on portion sizing.

By knowing the right amount of food you need to eat, you do not have to starve yourself or count calories to reach your preferred weight. To help achieve your health goals, Waitplate offers an innovative system that supports proper portion sizing and healthy eating habits.

Changing Lives for Good

Compulsive eating, large portion sizes and fast eating speeds can lead to obesity. The Waitplate System is a healthy diet program that helps individuals shed extra pounds and assists them in improving their eating habits.

The Waitplate System is the first weight loss and educational weight management system in the world that follows principles on re-establishment of physiological satiety limits and cognitive behavioural modification. Unlike other weight loss products, Waitplate suits overweight children and adults. The system is also perfect for those who are at risk of obesity due to poor eating habits.

Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits

The Waitplate System includes plates, cutlery and other items that regulate food intake and eating speeds.

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