waitplate chewing timer

1,2,3 and Chew!

The Chewing Timer is part of The Waitplate System you receive to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle and maintainable eating habits.


The other tools you receive include:


* Dressing & Fat Template

* Baked Good Template

* Protein Templates

* Soft Proteins and Carbohydrate cup


But let’s face it, we all love gizmo’s and toys and the Chewing Timer makes meal times fun – especially for the kids. As well as being a bit of a novelty, the timer is also addressing one of the most important and overlooked issues when it comes to eating properly.


There are a lot of different elements that need to be addressed when it comes to correcting poor eating habits with portion control and food choices being two of the most important. But a lot of meal plans or ‘diets’ fail to acknowledge the importance of actually eating and digesting your food properly. This is where the chewing timer establishes itself as a vital tool in your goal to improve your eating habits.


If your food is not chewed correctly, there are all these behind the scenes aspects in your body that are having to work un-necessarily harder. If your food is consumed too quickly, again you will probably receive a bit of a backlash from your body such as indigestion, heart-burn or just the general feeling that your belly is going explode from eating too much.


The Waitplate System Chewing Timer is educating your mind and your body on the basics of eating: chew, swallow and digest. It is also working on your Hunger Satiety since you are giving yourself time to eat properly, you’ll be more in tune of when you are actually full. As most of us know, we don’t actually have that ‘full’ feeling until approximately ten minutes after the fact.


The Chewing Timer is the first visual aid designed to specifically address and re-educate our eating habits through the speed of our eating. It it is a fantastic tool for the children to use as it’s a fun way of instilling good habits at a young age. It might just be a bit difficult to get it away from them so you can have a turn!

chewing timer


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