eating behavior

It’s all in the bite…

To really change your eating style, you need to challenge “how” you eat.

I think we all know that in order to have power over food we first have to attain power over our portion sizes. But portion sizes are not just about what you decide to put on your plate. Equally important is the portion size of each individual mouthful of food. Your ideal “bite size”. Like a pair of well fitting, comfy shoes your bite size will be as individual as you and some experimentation may be needed in order to find that perfect size. One thing for sure is when your bite size is too big – there will be problems.

Too much food in any one mouthful puts strain on your mouth,facial muscles, tongue, teeth and throat. Not to mention your oesophagus as you endeavour to swallow larger chunks of only minimally chewed food. Gulping, swallowing too much air and chewing with your mouth open is often associated with too much food in the mouth at any one time. This in turn can exacerbate gastric reflux and heart burn. Not nice. So how do you find your perfect bite size? Follow these simple but highly effective tips and practice them every time you eat until they become second nature.

  • PUT ONLY ENOUGH FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH AT ANY ONE TIME SO THAT YOU ONLY HAVE TO SWALLOW ONCE. If you have to swallow 2 or 3 times with one mouthful, then there is too much in your mouth.
  • Choose to eat with a smaller fork or spoon. (Such as the Waitplate Portion Control Cutlery)
  • Remember that your food will taste just as delicious whether it’s on a small fork or a large one.

1. Your tastebuds are usually satisfied after a few bites. Learn to recognise when your food is losing its “wow” factor. Be aware and don’t just eat for the sake of it. For example just a few bites of a dessert may be enough.

2. Lastly, chew, chew, chew until your food is totally liquefied and your swallowing reflex is involuntary. Remember digestion starts in the mouth.