Move it!

Boot Camp, gym classes, running, swimming, rock climbing etc. are all wonderful ways to exercise but the reality is many of us just don’t have the time (working long hours or a house full of small children) or money to commit to it. But the truth is YOU have to MOVE to survive. Exercise is a must. People who live over 100 years of age walk many miles a day, every day.

To get things going if you haven’t exercised for years, get out of the chair and take that first step. Walk with purpose to the letterbox, water the garden (and pick out a weed or two while you’re there!), walk around the block or even your yard (with or without a pram). Breathe in fresh air and congratulate yourself. Promise yourself that tomorrow and the next day you will do the same thing only walk a little further. You’ll be walking like a pro in no time. Put real physical purpose into all your daily chores and activities.

If you are confined to indoors consider a mini trampoline or ‘rebounder’. Position it in the fresh air if you can and use it for at least 10 – 15 minutes a day. It really gets the lymphatic system moving to help eliminate toxins by stretching and contracting every cell in your body. But at the end of the day, just keep moving to save your life.


waitplate templates

Build A Meal with Waitplate

Three magic words will help you build any meal with your Waitplate Sytem – “Keep It Simple”. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm yourself when it comes to preparing dinner, especially if you’ve got a small child clinging to each one of your legs in the kitchen.

We’ve compiled some easy and simple suggestions here at Waitplate HQ and have had a lot of fantastic ideas come through from our Waitplate family. Here are a few menu ideas to get the ball rolling!

waitplate templates

Use your plate along with portion templates

contemporary portion plate 2

Using your Contemporary Waitplate

full waitplate system


full waitplate system



If you have any meal suggestions using your Waitplate system, we’d love to hear from you! Share your menu ideas and photos with us on our Waitplate Facebook Page.


Waitplate in the Workplace

It’s Friday and today Debbie in accounts is bringing in a huge chocolate mud-cake for her birthday and your boss is shouting the office subway for lunch before heading off to the pub for some drinks and a pub meal. Your brain is going into overload adding up all of these calories!

But before you call in a sickie, remember, you can enjoy and keep all of these office treats under control. It’s all about moderation remember?

Perfect for office birthday cakes or Friday Pizza day. Or use the Waitplate Bread Template to give you an accurate portion size for café bought (oversized) sandwiches and rolls. Take the left over portion home or share with a friend and save yourself a whole lot of unwanted calories.

Keep a set of Waitplate Portion Control Food Templates hanging up in your office tea room to help remind your workmates what ideal portions of everyday foods should look like. Soooo easy!