Waitplate Carbohydrate Cup

The Waitplate Carbohydrate Template

Waitplate Carbohydrate Cup

Waitplate Carbohydrate Cup

The starchy carbohydrate template is made of flexible food grade silicon and will deliver an ideal portion of mashed vegetables (sweet potato, pumpkin, cooked rice, pasta etc.)

Fill to the blue line for males and the pink line for females and children. Gently squeeze and a perfect portion will be delivered to your plate.


The carb template also measures soft proteins like cooked mince (spaghetti sauces), stir-fry meats and takeaway pre-made Asian foods and curries. This multifunctional tool can be used to measure cereal and soup also.

Available now as part of a Portion Control Food Template pack.

waitplate templates

Use your plate along with portion templates


Waitplate App for Android is Here!

Waitplate’s Eating Behavior App is ideal for anyone who cares about their health and weight. Become a lean, mindful and elegant eater.
The Waitplate app includes three simple and effective tools that can be used anywhere and at any time to develop positive lifelong eating habits.

Developed and backed by qualified experts, this coaching app will enable you to quickly improve your eating habits with sensible and sustainable modifications.


Click Here to have a look and don’t forget our Waitplate App for Apple is available through iTunes.


Happy App’ing!




pizza and cake template for portion sizes

Keep Your Food Simple

It sounds simplistic but eating and maintaining a healthy weight should not be complicated. For thousands of years we didn’t food- combine, obsess about protein, take copious amounts of supplements or spend large amounts of money on a myriad of supposed ‘superfoods’.


Nor did we have an obesity epidemic like the one we are seeing now in the Western world. We know more about nutrition and weight control than ever before, yet as a nation we are getting fatter and fatter. Perhaps we are now ‘switching off’ because of information overload. Conflicting information at that!

Natural unprocessed and fresh foods are superfoods. They are real food that your body recognises and craves. Introduce more fresh produce into your diet and watch your energy levels improve.


Be the master of your own health destiny. You can’t go wrong with fresh produce eaten in healthy portions. Keep your portion sizes under control and slow your eating speed down using the Waitplate System and you will lose unwanted pounds.



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Dinner is Served

The Waitplate System line of products- ( Portion Control Plates, Portion Control Cutlery, Personalised Chewing Timer and Phone Apps as well as our fabulous Waitplate Portion Control Food Templates) – make up everything you will need for a lifetime of healthy eating and sensible weight management.

Whether you are a single person or a whole family, everyone will benefit with these eating skills for life. “Welcome back to sensible eating” It’s about time!


Waitplate table setting

pizza and cake template for portion sizes

Make peace with Your Plate – with Waitplate.

Please stop obsessing over the number on the scales.
Please stop obsessing over the food you eat.
Please stop obsessing over how you appear to others.
Your weight does not define who you are.
The diet you follow does not define what type of person you are.
The way you appear to others is their business and not your problem.

Just choose foods as close to nature as possible (fill up on plant foods), eat smaller portions and remember to chew slowly.

Make peace with food and yourself….then watch miracles happen. 




Loretta and Her Waitplate

At Waitplate, we love hearing the success stories from our ‘Waitplate family’ of achievable weight-loss and lifestyle change through using the Waitplate System. Every day our website and social media pages are inundated with messages from people, like you, who have made the decision to change their eating habits and their quality of life, for good.

There have even been Waitplate online communities and social media pages set up for people to share their Waitplate journey with their family and friends. These are fantastic forums that are offering other people in a simular health situations support, ideas and ultimately encouragement.

Here’s some snippets from a few of the online communities that are actively sharing their Waitplate System.


Loretta and Her Waitplate:

If you’re as heavy as I am, you’d know what it’s like not to be able to take buses, fly in a plane or go to the movies…I even have todinner is served phone ahead to cafes to see if they have sides on their chairs!!!…and these are the things I hear lots of people put on their “to do” list once they lose weight.
But now that I’ve been using The Waitplate System for the past 2 months I am realising that there is a whole new meaning to the phase “getting your life back”.
Yes, I’m shedding weight slowly and steadily and in the end I’ll get there for sure… but today I found myself scrubbing my kitchen and better still, taking time to be particular around the burners on my stove and getting in all the corners and around the edges of my benches. The same conscious attention to detail that I’ve been using with my eating was now apparent in my daily living activities.
I suddenly realized this morning that my whole life was “losing weight”. Things are getting much easier to clean and organise and little by little my house is reflecting my health.
This is what I’ve noticed about Waitplate which is different to everything else…. it’s NATURAL to eat this way, feeding your body with the food it needs rather than being bound by some food plan.
Last week my body wanted choko… and so I gave it choko.
So today I realised that while my body is losing weight effortlessly and naturally; my life too is naturally beginning to come into alignment with my health.
Waitplate $199 only one time…it’s benefits PRICELESS FOR LIFE!!!!

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My Waitplate Journey

I Lorettahave just invested in the new Waitplate System…. I will share my meals & Ideas with you all as I am on this new Journey.

Dinner last night – roast chicken. Potato & sweet potato. Beans, carrot & onion. Surprised at how satisfied I felt.

Before waitplate I probably would have eaten 5 x that amount of chicken and a lot more potato. Even skipped the gravy, a few sprinkles of Thai Seasoning on the veggies did the trick!

Follow my journey as I attempt to lose 40 kilo’s with healthy eating and the waitplate system…..

If you have begun your Waitplate journey, we would love to hear from you!

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