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Happy Healthy Halloween

It’s that time of year when the shops shelves are overflowing with huge bags of sweets for all of those Trick or Treaters. It is a bit of a difficult time of year with so much temptation and incentive to splash out and fill your cupboard with lollies ‘just in case.’ While you don’t want to the Halloween Grinch, you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to Halloween.

Remember, it’s all about portion control! If you have children it may be a bit hard to police but where there is a will, there is a way.


Here’s some tips to contain the Halloween sugar rush:


Prepare some healthy snacks before the Trick or Treat’ing begins:

If you have given your kids something healthy and substaintail in their bellies before the festivities begin, they will not over indulge (as much) due to hunger. This also helps with giving them energy that will last and just that big sugar high.


Drink lots of water: 

Obviously this is keeping everyone hydrated but will also help to wash some of that sugar away from their teeth.


Encourage portion control:

This may be impossible but it’s worth a try. Instead of having a big sugar blow out, give the kids the chance to choose which sweets they can have and spread it out over a few days or even a week if you’re clever.


Happy Halloween!


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Introducing our New Contemporary Plate


Introducing the Contemporary Plate

Your new Waitplate System Contemporary Portion Plate will:


° Reduce the amount of food on your plate for each meal.
Eating smaller portions of food at each meal reduces calorie intake,
which is vital if you are trying to lose weight.

° Apportion food correctly on your plate.
This enables you to eat proteins, low GI starchy carbohydrates and raw or
cooked vegetables in the correct portions.


Build your Meal

Waitplate Meal Combination Suggestions


Here are some simple suggestions to help you determine a healthy meal combination. However, it is your choice what you decide to eat. The Waitplate System™ is designed to be used as a guide to help you with your health journey.

We believe in the user being in control of their own decision making regarding food choices and intake. This personal autonomy and responsibility for making your own healthy food choices will be a skill for life.


Meal 1

Veg/Salad Portion: Green salad with as many salad vegetables and leafy
greens as possible.
Protein Portion: small portion white fish.
Starchy Carbohydrate Portion: Mashed Sweet potato (up to one metric cup)
Sauce Portion: One tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce.chicken



Meal 2

Veg/Salad Portion: Mixed steamed greens (i.e. spinach, bok choy and green beans).
Protein Portion: A small serve of chicken breast.
Starchy Carbohydrate Portion: A serve of spicy couscous or brown rice
(up to one metric cup)
Sauce Portion: One tablespoon of soy and ginger sauce.salmon



Meal 3

Veg/Salad Portion: Fennel, apple and lettuce salad.
Protein Portion: Homemade bean and lentil patty.
Starchy Carbohydrate Portion: A serve of polenta
(up to one metric cup)
Sauce Portion: One tablespoon of homemade tomato sauce.


Meal 4

Veg/Salad Portion: Greek salad with cucumber, 4 olives and
1/2 whole avocado.
Protein Portion: Small piece of lean steak.
Starchy Carbohydrate Portion: Carrot and turnip mash.
Sauce Portion: One tablespoon of mixed balsamic/olive oil dressing.


Further Enhance your Weight Loss

Use the Contemporary Plate with the Waitplate App!


The Waitplate App includes three effective and simple tools that can
be used anywhere at any time:


1. The Waitplate Chewing Timer to help reduce the speed of

eating which research suggests is a strong predictor of obesity.


2. Learn to identify what sort of hunger you are feeling and why.


3. How to improve your eating posture for better digestion and tips
for improving eating behaviour for life.


The App was designed to work in conjunction with the rest of the patented Waitplate System to further enhance effectiveness.

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