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UK taxes sugary drinks as childhood obesity figures continue to increase

The United Kingdom government has announced that as of 2018 there will be a tax on any drinks with more than 5 grams of sugar per every 100ml.  The announcement comes as the problem of childhood obesity in the United Kingdom continues to rise as well as ongoing health issues from the over-consumption of sugary food and drink products.

Chef, businessman, restaurant owner and healthy living advocate, Jamie Oliver has applauded the decision and urged other countries such as Spain, Germany and Australia to do the same to help tackle the problem of childhood obesity.

Soft drinks are seen as the main offenders when it comes to high sugar content, but many drinks on the supermarket shelves contain just as much if not more sugar content such as:

  • Iced tea
  • Juice
  • Energy drinks
  • Flavoured milk drinks

The problem with these particular drinks is that the sugar content is not in proportion to the average daily consumption needs of an average person, let alone a child. In fact in some bottles of drink, you can receive your weekly intact of sugar in five mouthfuls.

The best idea if you are needing a sugar fix or the kids want to drink something a bit sweet is the sensible way of simply squeezing some real fruit into some ice cold water. It is important to understand the correct portion sizes not only when it comes to food but to specific food groups and ingredients such as sugar.

eating behaviour affecting children

Eating behaviours that are affecting our children’s behaviour

In the last few decades in particular there has been an overall spike in the amount of conditions and ‘behavourial disorders’ that are being used on children. Whilst there is a need for understanding behavioural patterns of children that may need assistance, there also needs to be more emphasis on not only the food in which they are being fed, but their general eating behaviours as well.

If a child has bad eating habits or eating behaviours, this will affect a range of elements including:

  • their digestive system
  • the bodies natural chemical balance
  • concentration levels
  • energy levels
  • emotions

So what things affect a child’s eating behaviour? Behaviour is a habit that is either genetic or influenced by environment. Eating behaviour includes:

As a parent, we have not only have control on our children’s eating behaviour but we are responsible for their eating behaviour. Encouraging and exposing your child to a healthy attitude towards food and the behaviour which surrounds it will set the foundations for later in life and give them a better chance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle and an improvement in their overall behaviour.

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