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The Waitplate System,

What is it?

Waitplate™ products are an aid in the correction and re-education of portion sizing and most importantly the excessive “speed of eating” which current research suggests is one of the most accurate predictors of adult obesity.

The Waitplate System is the first weight-loss and educational weight management system in the world which is based on cognitive behavioural modification and re-establishment of physiological satiety restraints. Waitplate allows for natural and lasting eating behaviour correction.

The Waitplate System has also been nominated for the The Global Weight Management Excellence Awards and The Gold Coast Women in Business Innovation Award.

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The Waitplate System was specifically designed for both overweight adults and children but also facilitates education for those who are in danger of becoming overweight through poor eating behaviour.

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This system aids in the correction and re-education of portion sizing, food group apportionment and most importantly in reducing the ‘excessive speed of eating” which current research suggests is one of the most accurate predictors of obesity development.

Following the Waitplate System, the average person can expect to lose around half to one kilo per week through moderate calorie reduction. The Waitplate System is successful in conjunction with other weight loss programs, however it is most effective on its own.

The Waitplate System is equally suitable for one or all members of the family. There are no ongoing costs or contracts as once you have purchased the Waitplate portion size and eating behaviour system it is yours to use indefinitely. The products are made of superior food grade materials, pleasurable to look at and to use and very cost effective. They are your “eating tools for life” This system is totally sustainable through all sorts of eating events and culinary styles.


A Holistic Approach to Your Eating Style by Correcting Eating Behaviour

The Waitplate System is so unique in that it doesn’t make what you eat the focus but rather how and why you eat the way you do. This system repairs the somewhat fractured relationship many people have with their food and disengages from the constant bombardment of dieting information thrust upon us every day. We all know fresh healthy food (as close to nature as possible) is best, so how does Waitplate work and how is it different!

The patented Waitplate System is based on portion control utensils that look like normal cutlery, crockery and glassware but are specifically designed to reduce how much food you consume at any one time. Working in conjunction are Waitplate food templates so there is no guess work or measuring those everyday foods we all enjoy. Everyone in the family enjoys working with these tools as they educate through visual recognition of what is a perfect portion of a food. Fantastic for children to use from a very early age.

Most importantly is the Waitplate eating timer. This device is a first and is the basis of the Waitplate philosophy of reducing the user’s speed of eating there by restoring the “hunger/ satiety” response (which is often blunted in the overweight) which basically means that the user will feel fuller on less food. This incredibly effective product can be taken and used anywhere where eating is involved as can the Waitplate portion controlled cutlery.

Both the portion controlled cutlery and timer are used together with the Waitplate portion plate and glassware. The elegant Waitplate glass has a subtle attractive design with discrete markings for wine, beer, soft drinks etc. so the user never needs to use a measuring cup. There is no food combination that cannot be correctly portioned using the Waitplate System.

The Waitplate System is all about taking personal responsibility for your eating habits. Things like your food choices, how much you eat at a meal (avoiding excessively large portion sizes), your eating posture and eating style, as well as your emotions and attitudes. These things are what is important to maintain healthy eating habits for life and these are the things to instill in children. Stop feeling bullied, confused or guilty when strict diets fail you. Start again making your own choices with The Waitplate System there to guide you and keep you on track.

  • Suitable for the Whole Family
  • No On-going Costs or Expenses
  • Still Enjoy Your Favourite Foods
  • Dramatically Improve Eating Behaviour
Kelly Arbuckle - Founder

Kelly Arbuckle – Inventor of the Waitplate System

Kelly Arbuckle – The Story

I have always been interested in health and nutrition. Not the diet obsessed kind of interest but more looking at the whole picture. To me eating is such a multifactorial event and food is just a part of the story. Read More
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