waitplate chewing timer

1,2,3 and Chew!

The Chewing Timer is part of The Waitplate System you receive to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle and maintainable eating habits.


The other tools you receive include:


* Dressing & Fat Template

* Baked Good Template

* Protein Templates

* Soft Proteins and Carbohydrate cup


But let’s face it, we all love gizmo’s and toys and the Chewing Timer makes meal times fun – especially for the kids. As well as being a bit of a novelty, the timer is also addressing one of the most important and overlooked issues when it comes to eating properly.


There are a lot of different elements that need to be addressed when it comes to correcting poor eating habits with portion control and food choices being two of the most important. But a lot of meal plans or ‘diets’ fail to acknowledge the importance of actually eating and digesting your food properly. This is where the chewing timer establishes itself as a vital tool in your goal to improve your eating habits.


If your food is not chewed correctly, there are all these behind the scenes aspects in your body that are having to work un-necessarily harder. If your food is consumed too quickly, again you will probably receive a bit of a backlash from your body such as indigestion, heart-burn or just the general feeling that your belly is going explode from eating too much.


The Waitplate System Chewing Timer is educating your mind and your body on the basics of eating: chew, swallow and digest. It is also working on your Hunger Satiety since you are giving yourself time to eat properly, you’ll be more in tune of when you are actually full. As most of us know, we don’t actually have that ‘full’ feeling until approximately ten minutes after the fact.


The Chewing Timer is the first visual aid designed to specifically address and re-educate our eating habits through the speed of our eating. It it is a fantastic tool for the children to use as it’s a fun way of instilling good habits at a young age. It might just be a bit difficult to get it away from them so you can have a turn!

chewing timer



Get Juicing!

It is always best to eat fruits that are naturally in season in your particular area and for Spring in Australia, we get to experience the wonderful taste of fresh citrus fruits this time of year.


With fruits such as lemons, oranges and grapefruits all currently in their prime this is the best time of year to dust that juicer off and make some refreshing drinks for you and your family with no added sugar. We have found a few nice combinations that may tickle your taste-buds and also make great drinks for entertaining friends as the weather starts to heat up.


Orange & Lemon Juice:

3 x Peeled Oranges

1 x Peeled Lemon


Grapefruit & Orange Juice

1 x Peeled Grapefruit

2 x Peeled Oranges


Lime Apple & Lemon Juice

2 x Unpeeled Apples (red or green is fine)

2 x Peeled Lemons

1 x Peeled Lime


Strawberries can also be another little sweetener that will work well with any of these juice combinations. For an extra wow factor, serve your juices with thin slices of fruit, ice and a mint leaf in a mason jar.  Enjoy!



Spring Has Sprung

We’ve all heard of the New Year Resolution but at Waitplate, we like to do things a little differently. We believe one of the best times of year to kick start your healthy lifestyle is in Spring when the sun is out, the flowers are in bloom and the temperature is just right.


There are many reasons why starting your healthy eating resolution before the festive season is better than New Years Day:

* You have already re-trained your eating habits.

* You have the knowledge on portion control and know how much you are allowed to indulge.

* You can enjoy eating outdoors when it’s not sweltering in heat or freezing with cold.

* You are not starting your healthy lifestyle on a negative note of “I have to loose weight because of all the kilo’s I put on over Christmas.”

* You are preventing yourself from having a ‘blow out’ over the holidays with the idea in your head of “I’ll be good after Christmas and New Years has finished.”

* In Spring there is no excuse of eating comfort food to warm you up or consuming lots of the bad stuff because it’s the festive season.

* If you have started your Waitplate Journey in Spring, you will be a lot happier and healthier over Summer knowing that you already have the tools in place for a healthy lifestyle.


The best piece of advise when it comes to your health overall, is to be proactive rather than reactive. Get those healthy eating habits in place now and you’ll be ready to roll out the red carpet for Summer!




Waitplate For the Whole Family

The beauty of the Waitplate system is that it is tailored for a particular age group, gender or size. The motive of the Waitplate is to re-educate the bodys eating habits and improve general health and lifestyle.


How much easier would this be for adults if we had the idea of portion control and moderation instilled in us when we were young, especially if it was made into a bit of fun.


The Waitplate templates are designed to be a bright and exciting addition into your kitchen and on your dinner plate. Children watch everything we do and pick up our habits both good and bad. If your children are included in your good habits such as helping serve out dinner, this will help them later in life.


The benefits of the Waitplate for the whole family:

* Children can start to learn about eating foods in moderation (using the baked goods / cake template)

* Everyone can understand the importance of having different food groups included at every meal (Waitplate Dinner Plate)

* Makes eating a fun and enjoyable experience. Allow the kids to be part of the meal preparation and serving of the meals in allowing them a sense of responsibility on the choices they make.


Bon Appetite!



Breakfast Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Your meal options are only limited to your imagination. As children, most of us are bought up on the convenience and ease of toast and/or cereal for our daily breakfast.

In this age of technology where ideas and meal recipes are literally just out our keyboard fingertips, there is no reason or excuse why you can’t jazz up your breakfast menu a bit and give your a tastebuds a treat.  After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Some Healthy Breakfast ideas:

* Chia Pudding (soak overnight): Soak 3 tablespoons of chia seeds in one cup of lo-fat coconut milk with a little honey to sweeten. Stir mixture and put in the fridge so the chia seeds get plumpy and delicious. Serve a few hours later with mixed berries and mint pieces.

*  Stuffed mushrooms: with Capsicum , red onion, 1 slice bacon , coriander , baby spinach & a tad if tasty cheese (supplied by My Waitplate Journey on Facebook)

* A poached free range egg: on lightly buttered sourdough toast. Serve with a few slices of tomato, avocado or spinach.

* The Basic Green Smoothie: 1 frozen banana, 1-2 cups almond or coconut milk, large handful of green veg (kale, spinach), 1 tablespoon of Pea Protein powder.

* Bowl of fruit with shaved coconut

Bon Appetite!



pizza and cake template for portion sizes

Keep Your Food Simple

It sounds simplistic but eating and maintaining a healthy weight should not be complicated. For thousands of years we didn’t food- combine, obsess about protein, take copious amounts of supplements or spend large amounts of money on a myriad of supposed ‘superfoods’.


Nor did we have an obesity epidemic like the one we are seeing now in the Western world. We know more about nutrition and weight control than ever before, yet as a nation we are getting fatter and fatter. Perhaps we are now ‘switching off’ because of information overload. Conflicting information at that!

Natural unprocessed and fresh foods are superfoods. They are real food that your body recognises and craves. Introduce more fresh produce into your diet and watch your energy levels improve.


Be the master of your own health destiny. You can’t go wrong with fresh produce eaten in healthy portions. Keep your portion sizes under control and slow your eating speed down using the Waitplate System and you will lose unwanted pounds.



pizza and cake template for portion sizes

Make peace with Your Plate – with Waitplate.

Please stop obsessing over the number on the scales.
Please stop obsessing over the food you eat.
Please stop obsessing over how you appear to others.
Your weight does not define who you are.
The diet you follow does not define what type of person you are.
The way you appear to others is their business and not your problem.

Just choose foods as close to nature as possible (fill up on plant foods), eat smaller portions and remember to chew slowly.

Make peace with food and yourself….then watch miracles happen. 




Waitplate on The Go

We all know that when we go on holidays our healthy eating habits more often than not, take a break as well!

At Waitplate, we understand and encourage you to indulge in those ‘sometimes’ foods and drinks, our emphasis is on moderation and portion control to ensure you keep that balance and enjoyment of food.

We also understand that those using the Waitplate system are doing so for a lifestyle change more than anything else, even if they are on holidays. To ensure you can have the best of both worlds, we have just released an attractive travel wallet which is included in our Waitplate Portion Control tableware box.

You can take your portion cutlery with you to restaurants or on Holidays. Never cheat on a meal again! Smaller bites of food chewed for longer encourage healthy digestion and reduce overall food consumption, Mindful eating is encouraged. The unique knife, spoon and fork are specifically designed to reduce the amount of food being put into the mouth at any one time (bite size).

portion control cutlery 2


Move it!

Boot Camp, gym classes, running, swimming, rock climbing etc. are all wonderful ways to exercise but the reality is many of us just don’t have the time (working long hours or a house full of small children) or money to commit to it. But the truth is YOU have to MOVE to survive. Exercise is a must. People who live over 100 years of age walk many miles a day, every day.

To get things going if you haven’t exercised for years, get out of the chair and take that first step. Walk with purpose to the letterbox, water the garden (and pick out a weed or two while you’re there!), walk around the block or even your yard (with or without a pram). Breathe in fresh air and congratulate yourself. Promise yourself that tomorrow and the next day you will do the same thing only walk a little further. You’ll be walking like a pro in no time. Put real physical purpose into all your daily chores and activities.

If you are confined to indoors consider a mini trampoline or ‘rebounder’. Position it in the fresh air if you can and use it for at least 10 – 15 minutes a day. It really gets the lymphatic system moving to help eliminate toxins by stretching and contracting every cell in your body. But at the end of the day, just keep moving to save your life.



Change Your Behaviour – Change Your Life

In our modern life we tend to ‘de-nature’ our life and our health. We go against nature rather than with it. Are you guilty of any of the following?

If you are it may be time to do a life re-evaluation and make some healthy changes:

• We tend to stuff our bodies with processed and acidic foods laden with additives and preservatives
• We seal ourselves up in airless air-conditioned homes, work places and shopping centres. We take little time to breathe deeply in nature.
• We clog our pores, paint our nails, wash our hair and clean our homes with highly chemical products.
• We disrupt our circadian rhythms with too little or too much sleep often artificially induced.
• We suppress our innermost feelings and emotions and yield to or dominate others. Many of us have forgotten how to give unconditionally and just feel pure joy at simple things.
• We behave in compulsive ways like over-eating, shopping or gambling because we feel empty or sad. We feel stressed most of the time and have lost control over our lives.

Nature is the very fabric of our being and we are made up of living cells that are programmed to heal themselves if given half a chance.

Go back to nature and change your life:

• Fill your body with nutritious living food abundant with nutrients, vitamins and fibre, grown organically and prepared with gratitude and love.
• Open the windows and get fresh air whenever you can. Head to the beach or the country when over possible and breathe in negative ions, fill your lungs and learn to release tension through deep breathing.
• Choose low chemical ecofriendly cleaning products for your home and your hair. Forget the nail polish and watch them grow healthy and strong. Only use organic pure products for your face where possible and remove all make-up before bed.
• Try to go to sleep at the same time each night and wake at the same time each morning. Your body will appreciate the routine. Have a bed time ritual. Turn off all electronic devices One hour before bed and don’t have them in your bedroom. Encourage sleep by reading or meditating with just a small bedside lamp beside you. Keep your room cool (with a window open if possible) and quiet. Write down anything that is bothering you so you can attend to it the next day. Go to sleep feeling grateful for what you do have in your life. Relax your limbs and allow yourself to fall asleep gently. If you exercise during the day your body will feel it has earned a good sleep
• Explore your feelings and emotions. Look at why you are the way you are. Be honest but NOT critical. Once you have taken a good hard look at your life consider the changes you are making to improve your health positively. Only you can change your life, not others. Make small changes and be gentle on yourself. Try to imagine you at ninety years old. What advice would you give yourself today? Perhaps you would advise yourself to: slow down, forgive someone, stand up to someone, get healthy now before you get sick or follow that dream before it’s too late. Move with nature not against it. Whatever you do in your life, do it with purpose, positivity, generosity and gratitude.