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Why sustaining your weight as just as important as losing it

Many diets or eating plans have a primary focus on loosing weight but then once the weight is lost, many people are left to their own devices which means they more often than not, end up back with their own eating habits.  Eating habits are actually behaviours learned and as with any behaviour – or habit – it takes the body and mind a long to completely readjust.

Signing up to a weightloss challenge or a specifically tailored eating plan for a few months is a great start, however the time when we need the most support is actually after the eating plan or challenge has finished. You need to sustain all of that hard work you did and you need tools to help you.

It is actually extremely unhealthy and even dangerous to continuously fluctuate in weight with some possible health risks including:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Gallbladder infections
  • Anxiety and depression

In order to lose and sustain your ultimate weight, it is helpful to have a good support network around you either in family or with particular weight management tools. The Waitplate System is the perfect solution for those who have done the hard work and need some assistance in sticking to a healthy and balanced diet.

The beauty of The Waitplate system is that it is designed as a stand alone system but is also versatile enough to compliment other weight management programs you may have embarked on. Several members of our Waitplate family were referred to us by their GP’s who actually recommended The Waitplate system after lap band surgery.

The Waitplate System focuses on re-educating your habits back into sensible eating by using the simple yet effective angle of portion control. There is no end of subscription, or time period where you have to give your Waitplate System back. Once you have it, it is yours and it will always be there to help you on your journey to a healthy life.

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Loretta and the Waitplate System

We are constantly receiving positive stories from our Waitplate family of transitions into a healthier life, a new and positive outlook on life and losing weight that has been holding people back.

One of these such stories is from our good friend Loretta who has documented her Waitplate journey from Day 1 of receiving her Waitplate system last year.  She has a growing online following and is constantly keeping us updated here at Waitplate HQ on her wonderful journey of health and here is how it all started . . .

Loretta’s Story

For years we’ve tried to lose weight, but being classic procrastinators, we usually found an excuse not to begin. It was always someone’s birthday, or some special holiday celebration and over the years, each celebration somehow managed to link into the next one and instead of losing weight, our weight ballooned  to the point where we were unable to function properly in every day life.
Hubby suffered a spinal injury and the extra weight caused so much more pain, and I ate whenever I was feeling sad… or worried… or even bored and ended up HUGE!
Years later we finally found ourselves sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Enough was enough, but then we were faced with the dilemma of which diet to choose! Diet shakes? fruit only? one of the many commercial diets?… we were so over dieting!!!
I decided to ask our local GP for advice. He told me straight and rather grimly, “the only thing I would prescribe for you would be gastric sleeving”… I was shocked. Had we really let ourselves go that far?!?
Soon after that I heard about Waitplate and as I was watching the video I just knew it was for us. Finally something made perfect sense to me!
We could eat whatever I wanted, with Waitplate, and still lose weight. Nowadays, we can just take our special cutlery along wherever we go, with the timer and sometimes the little cake template as a reminder. When we’re at home, the templates are so easy to use, and they help stop us from serving ourselves too much food when we’re tired and a little complacent with portion sizes. Waitplate takes the struggle out of weight loss and healthy eating.. and makes a healthy diet simple and entertaining.
Well only a couple of months on and I’d lost 15kg, and my husband (who can’t exercise at all because of his spinal condition) has lost 10kg… Not bad going considering we had attended 3 all-you-can-eat buffets just this month alone with family and friends.
We have found that Waitplate is simple, it’s affordable (it pays for itself just in the extra food you save the first month) and it works!!!
We have a long way to go, but we know that we’ll reach our goal because the first part of our weight loss journey has been so easy with Waitplate.

LorettaWell here is a new chapter in my life.
I have finally decided to ditch dieting once and for all, and claim back the healthy diet and lifestyle I surrendered years ago.
Here is the first picture of my journey, and the first day I began using The Waitplate System … and it’s proving to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.
Yes, I have a long way to go, but every day I get closer to my goal.
25 days in and I’ve already lost 8kg (17.6lbs).





If you would like to follow Loretta on her Waitplate journey and be inspired as we are, pop over and Like her Facebook page. Well done Loretta! We are so proud of you.


What is the Waitplate System?

The Waitplate System is an aid to assist with correcting your eating habits and instilling portion sizes into your every day meals. But how does it work? Watch our new Waitplate video on our Youtube channel for a comprehensive introduction and demonstration on how the Waitplate System ‘works’ and the benefits you and your family can receive.

Click HERE to view ‘The Waitplate System, what is it?’ or simply visit our homepage.

Waitplate TVSN

contemporary portion plate 3

Introducing our New Contemporary Plate


Introducing the Contemporary Plate

Your new Waitplate System Contemporary Portion Plate will:


° Reduce the amount of food on your plate for each meal.
Eating smaller portions of food at each meal reduces calorie intake,
which is vital if you are trying to lose weight.

° Apportion food correctly on your plate.
This enables you to eat proteins, low GI starchy carbohydrates and raw or
cooked vegetables in the correct portions.


Build your Meal

Waitplate Meal Combination Suggestions


Here are some simple suggestions to help you determine a healthy meal combination. However, it is your choice what you decide to eat. The Waitplate System™ is designed to be used as a guide to help you with your health journey.

We believe in the user being in control of their own decision making regarding food choices and intake. This personal autonomy and responsibility for making your own healthy food choices will be a skill for life.


Meal 1

Veg/Salad Portion: Green salad with as many salad vegetables and leafy
greens as possible.
Protein Portion: small portion white fish.
Starchy Carbohydrate Portion: Mashed Sweet potato (up to one metric cup)
Sauce Portion: One tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce.chicken



Meal 2

Veg/Salad Portion: Mixed steamed greens (i.e. spinach, bok choy and green beans).
Protein Portion: A small serve of chicken breast.
Starchy Carbohydrate Portion: A serve of spicy couscous or brown rice
(up to one metric cup)
Sauce Portion: One tablespoon of soy and ginger sauce.salmon



Meal 3

Veg/Salad Portion: Fennel, apple and lettuce salad.
Protein Portion: Homemade bean and lentil patty.
Starchy Carbohydrate Portion: A serve of polenta
(up to one metric cup)
Sauce Portion: One tablespoon of homemade tomato sauce.


Meal 4

Veg/Salad Portion: Greek salad with cucumber, 4 olives and
1/2 whole avocado.
Protein Portion: Small piece of lean steak.
Starchy Carbohydrate Portion: Carrot and turnip mash.
Sauce Portion: One tablespoon of mixed balsamic/olive oil dressing.


Further Enhance your Weight Loss

Use the Contemporary Plate with the Waitplate App!


The Waitplate App includes three effective and simple tools that can
be used anywhere at any time:


1. The Waitplate Chewing Timer to help reduce the speed of

eating which research suggests is a strong predictor of obesity.


2. Learn to identify what sort of hunger you are feeling and why.


3. How to improve your eating posture for better digestion and tips
for improving eating behaviour for life.


The App was designed to work in conjunction with the rest of the patented Waitplate System to further enhance effectiveness.

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waitplate chewing timer

1,2,3 and Chew!

The Chewing Timer is part of The Waitplate System you receive to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle and maintainable eating habits.


The other tools you receive include:


* Dressing & Fat Template

* Baked Good Template

* Protein Templates

* Soft Proteins and Carbohydrate cup


But let’s face it, we all love gizmo’s and toys and the Chewing Timer makes meal times fun – especially for the kids. As well as being a bit of a novelty, the timer is also addressing one of the most important and overlooked issues when it comes to eating properly.


There are a lot of different elements that need to be addressed when it comes to correcting poor eating habits with portion control and food choices being two of the most important. But a lot of meal plans or ‘diets’ fail to acknowledge the importance of actually eating and digesting your food properly. This is where the chewing timer establishes itself as a vital tool in your goal to improve your eating habits.


If your food is not chewed correctly, there are all these behind the scenes aspects in your body that are having to work un-necessarily harder. If your food is consumed too quickly, again you will probably receive a bit of a backlash from your body such as indigestion, heart-burn or just the general feeling that your belly is going explode from eating too much.


The Waitplate System Chewing Timer is educating your mind and your body on the basics of eating: chew, swallow and digest. It is also working on your Hunger Satiety since you are giving yourself time to eat properly, you’ll be more in tune of when you are actually full. As most of us know, we don’t actually have that ‘full’ feeling until approximately ten minutes after the fact.


The Chewing Timer is the first visual aid designed to specifically address and re-educate our eating habits through the speed of our eating. It it is a fantastic tool for the children to use as it’s a fun way of instilling good habits at a young age. It might just be a bit difficult to get it away from them so you can have a turn!

chewing timer


Waitplate Carbohydrate Cup

The Waitplate Carbohydrate Template

Waitplate Carbohydrate Cup

Waitplate Carbohydrate Cup

The starchy carbohydrate template is made of flexible food grade silicon and will deliver an ideal portion of mashed vegetables (sweet potato, pumpkin, cooked rice, pasta etc.)

Fill to the blue line for males and the pink line for females and children. Gently squeeze and a perfect portion will be delivered to your plate.


The carb template also measures soft proteins like cooked mince (spaghetti sauces), stir-fry meats and takeaway pre-made Asian foods and curries. This multifunctional tool can be used to measure cereal and soup also.

Available now as part of a Portion Control Food Template pack.

waitplate templates

Use your plate along with portion templates


Waitplate App for Android is Here!

Waitplate’s Eating Behavior App is ideal for anyone who cares about their health and weight. Become a lean, mindful and elegant eater.
The Waitplate app includes three simple and effective tools that can be used anywhere and at any time to develop positive lifelong eating habits.

Developed and backed by qualified experts, this coaching app will enable you to quickly improve your eating habits with sensible and sustainable modifications.


Click Here to have a look and don’t forget our Waitplate App for Apple is available through iTunes.


Happy App’ing!




full waitplate system

Dinner is Served

The Waitplate System line of products- ( Portion Control Plates, Portion Control Cutlery, Personalised Chewing Timer and Phone Apps as well as our fabulous Waitplate Portion Control Food Templates) – make up everything you will need for a lifetime of healthy eating and sensible weight management.

Whether you are a single person or a whole family, everyone will benefit with these eating skills for life. “Welcome back to sensible eating” It’s about time!


Waitplate table setting


Loretta and Her Waitplate

At Waitplate, we love hearing the success stories from our ‘Waitplate family’ of achievable weight-loss and lifestyle change through using the Waitplate System. Every day our website and social media pages are inundated with messages from people, like you, who have made the decision to change their eating habits and their quality of life, for good.

There have even been Waitplate online communities and social media pages set up for people to share their Waitplate journey with their family and friends. These are fantastic forums that are offering other people in a simular health situations support, ideas and ultimately encouragement.

Here’s some snippets from a few of the online communities that are actively sharing their Waitplate System.


Loretta and Her Waitplate:

If you’re as heavy as I am, you’d know what it’s like not to be able to take buses, fly in a plane or go to the movies…I even have todinner is served phone ahead to cafes to see if they have sides on their chairs!!!…and these are the things I hear lots of people put on their “to do” list once they lose weight.
But now that I’ve been using The Waitplate System for the past 2 months I am realising that there is a whole new meaning to the phase “getting your life back”.
Yes, I’m shedding weight slowly and steadily and in the end I’ll get there for sure… but today I found myself scrubbing my kitchen and better still, taking time to be particular around the burners on my stove and getting in all the corners and around the edges of my benches. The same conscious attention to detail that I’ve been using with my eating was now apparent in my daily living activities.
I suddenly realized this morning that my whole life was “losing weight”. Things are getting much easier to clean and organise and little by little my house is reflecting my health.
This is what I’ve noticed about Waitplate which is different to everything else…. it’s NATURAL to eat this way, feeding your body with the food it needs rather than being bound by some food plan.
Last week my body wanted choko… and so I gave it choko.
So today I realised that while my body is losing weight effortlessly and naturally; my life too is naturally beginning to come into alignment with my health.
Waitplate $199 only one time…it’s benefits PRICELESS FOR LIFE!!!!

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My Waitplate Journey

I Lorettahave just invested in the new Waitplate System…. I will share my meals & Ideas with you all as I am on this new Journey.

Dinner last night – roast chicken. Potato & sweet potato. Beans, carrot & onion. Surprised at how satisfied I felt.

Before waitplate I probably would have eaten 5 x that amount of chicken and a lot more potato. Even skipped the gravy, a few sprinkles of Thai Seasoning on the veggies did the trick!

Follow my journey as I attempt to lose 40 kilo’s with healthy eating and the waitplate system…..

If you have begun your Waitplate journey, we would love to hear from you!

Visit our Facebook page and share your path to a better lifestyle with our Waitplate family.


Waitplate on The Go

We all know that when we go on holidays our healthy eating habits more often than not, take a break as well!

At Waitplate, we understand and encourage you to indulge in those ‘sometimes’ foods and drinks, our emphasis is on moderation and portion control to ensure you keep that balance and enjoyment of food.

We also understand that those using the Waitplate system are doing so for a lifestyle change more than anything else, even if they are on holidays. To ensure you can have the best of both worlds, we have just released an attractive travel wallet which is included in our Waitplate Portion Control tableware box.

You can take your portion cutlery with you to restaurants or on Holidays. Never cheat on a meal again! Smaller bites of food chewed for longer encourage healthy digestion and reduce overall food consumption, Mindful eating is encouraged. The unique knife, spoon and fork are specifically designed to reduce the amount of food being put into the mouth at any one time (bite size).

portion control cutlery 2