Change Your Behaviour – Change Your Life

In our modern life we tend to ‘de-nature’ our life and our health. We go against nature rather than with it. Are you guilty of any of the following?

If you are it may be time to do a life re-evaluation and make some healthy changes:

• We tend to stuff our bodies with processed and acidic foods laden with additives and preservatives
• We seal ourselves up in airless air-conditioned homes, work places and shopping centres. We take little time to breathe deeply in nature.
• We clog our pores, paint our nails, wash our hair and clean our homes with highly chemical products.
• We disrupt our circadian rhythms with too little or too much sleep often artificially induced.
• We suppress our innermost feelings and emotions and yield to or dominate others. Many of us have forgotten how to give unconditionally and just feel pure joy at simple things.
• We behave in compulsive ways like over-eating, shopping or gambling because we feel empty or sad. We feel stressed most of the time and have lost control over our lives.

Nature is the very fabric of our being and we are made up of living cells that are programmed to heal themselves if given half a chance.

Go back to nature and change your life:

• Fill your body with nutritious living food abundant with nutrients, vitamins and fibre, grown organically and prepared with gratitude and love.
• Open the windows and get fresh air whenever you can. Head to the beach or the country when over possible and breathe in negative ions, fill your lungs and learn to release tension through deep breathing.
• Choose low chemical ecofriendly cleaning products for your home and your hair. Forget the nail polish and watch them grow healthy and strong. Only use organic pure products for your face where possible and remove all make-up before bed.
• Try to go to sleep at the same time each night and wake at the same time each morning. Your body will appreciate the routine. Have a bed time ritual. Turn off all electronic devices One hour before bed and don’t have them in your bedroom. Encourage sleep by reading or meditating with just a small bedside lamp beside you. Keep your room cool (with a window open if possible) and quiet. Write down anything that is bothering you so you can attend to it the next day. Go to sleep feeling grateful for what you do have in your life. Relax your limbs and allow yourself to fall asleep gently. If you exercise during the day your body will feel it has earned a good sleep
• Explore your feelings and emotions. Look at why you are the way you are. Be honest but NOT critical. Once you have taken a good hard look at your life consider the changes you are making to improve your health positively. Only you can change your life, not others. Make small changes and be gentle on yourself. Try to imagine you at ninety years old. What advice would you give yourself today? Perhaps you would advise yourself to: slow down, forgive someone, stand up to someone, get healthy now before you get sick or follow that dream before it’s too late. Move with nature not against it. Whatever you do in your life, do it with purpose, positivity, generosity and gratitude.


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