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Why Diets Fail and The Waitplate System can Succeed.

We were very interested to read in a GP’s weekly magazine (General News, Kirilly Burton) that there is a call from doctors to redirect Government funding towards identifying the physiological urges that drive food intake. Professor Joseph Proietto, head of the weight control clinic at Austin Health, Melbourne, said that the prevailing healthy diet and exercise mantra was proving ineffective in curing obesity long term.

“Clearly there are biological reasons that make it difficult to maintain weight loss… There do appear to be very strong physiological drives which are forcing (especially obese patients)… to regain that weight.

“All the healthy campaigning in the world doesn’t stand a chance against the most powerful urge on earth…HUNGER. He says the reasons why people are not maintaining weight loss long term is because these mechanisms kick in…eventually it gets to you because you cannot ignore hunger – and that is why diets fail.

Funding is needed for research into the biological drives behind weight gain. The Waitplate System directly addresses the urges of hunger by teaching people to eat smaller portions combined with reduced chewing speed thus restoring a person’s innate hunger/satiety mechanism. This is the first program of its type in the world. In a nutshell we can help you feel less hungry.

Your body knows what to do given half a chance. No pills, no potions, no surgery involved.

Please have a look through our website and our products to see for yourself how Waitplate may be an answer for you and your family.



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