The Complete Waitplate System

Food templates and how they help portion control

Gaining weight comes down to three primary factors:

  1. What you eat
  2. How much you eat
  3. Your speed of eating

The Waitplate System can help you with both of these important factors in a simple and sensible way, after all, it all comes down to whats on your plate.

What you eat

Between superfoods, paleo diets and the infinite amount of information available on what you should be eating, we appreciate that it can be hard to figure out what you should be putting on your plate.  The answer is simple, a bit of everything in moderation IE a balanced diet. Our Contemporary Plate was designed with style and practically in mind where we have literally spelt it out for you, what you should be eating.

The Contemporary Plate is strategically divided into 4 sections:

  • Protein

    contemporary portion plate 3

    Contemporary Plate

  • Vegetable / Salad
  • Low GI Starchy Carbs
  • Dressing

In addition to predetermining the food groups for your convenience, the Contemporary Plate also displays words of inspiration on how to break up your plate with relevant examples of the four groups.  Leaving you with no excuse of “I don’t know what to have for dinner” null and void.

How much you eat

Once you’ve got your menu sorted, the next trick is HOW much food you should be eating. This is where our unique and patented food templates come in handy.  Through our extensive research of how much food we actually need (as opposed to how much we fell like) Waitplate has designed and developed food templates.  Our range of templates has been designed to guide and educate through visual aids on the correct portion sizes for every meal.

The templates will clearly outline how much food is enough and how much food is unnecessary excess. You may be surprised by how much your body actually needs.  Your portion sizes for every food group – even vegetables is determining how much extra weight you are retaining.

Our portion control food templates include:

  • Waitplate dressing and fats template

    waitplate baked goodes templates

    Portion Control Template

  • Waitplate protein template
  • Waitplate baked goods template
  • Waitplate soft proteins and carbohydrates cup

And then of course there is the portion control plate and contemporary plate to map out your portion sizes on your actual plate.

Your Speed of Eating

The speed in which you eat is your best indication on how you are digesting food and as a result the best predictor of developing obesity. Your hunger satiety response will be restored to a healthy level by purely chewing your food correctly and at the correct speed.

Waitplate has developed a unique tool to assist with this aspect – the Waitplate chewing timer. Through visual indication, the eating timer alerts you when to chew and when to pause between mouthfuls.  Slowing down your eating will give you instant health benefits such as a better digestive system.

eating habits chewing timerStart your Waitplate journey today!