Get Juicing!

It is always best to eat fruits that are naturally in season in your particular area and for Spring in Australia, we get to experience the wonderful taste of fresh citrus fruits this time of year.


With fruits such as lemons, oranges and grapefruits all currently in their prime this is the best time of year to dust that juicer off and make some refreshing drinks for you and your family with no added sugar. We have found a few nice combinations that may tickle your taste-buds and also make great drinks for entertaining friends as the weather starts to heat up.


Orange & Lemon Juice:

3 x Peeled Oranges

1 x Peeled Lemon


Grapefruit & Orange Juice

1 x Peeled Grapefruit

2 x Peeled Oranges


Lime Apple & Lemon Juice

2 x Unpeeled Apples (red or green is fine)

2 x Peeled Lemons

1 x Peeled Lime


Strawberries can also be another little sweetener that will work well with any of these juice combinations. For an extra wow factor, serve your juices with thin slices of fruit, ice and a mint leaf in a mason jar.  Enjoy!


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