Hunger Satiety / Physiology

Weight control mechanisms are inherent in our physiology. It is we as a modern, time poor and lazy society that have overridden those mechanisms.


The main culprits are constant upsizing of food, poor apportionment of calories and hence nutrients and the recently researched phenomenon of – not just fast food – but fast eating!


It is generally accepted scientifically that with proper management and minimal sabotage, the human HUNGER / SATIETY feedback mechanism will maintain a reasonable body weight. This is of course barring any significant pathology – such as hyperthyroidism. This mechanism, (basically the ability to feel when you have eaten enough), if defective can be repaired.


When we eat, presuming that what we eat is recognised by our systems as food, (most processed food is not), a cascade of hormonal responses begin in our stomach and gastric-intestinal tract. By an almost miraculous process – which the Waitplate System helps restore – our brains (the hypothalamus), registers our nutritional and caloric satiety.


If we eat too fast there is no transfer of satiety information to the hypothalamus, so over eating results. Results = overweight or obesity. One solution is the Waitplate System which restores a proper functioning Hunger/Satiety mechanism through re-education of eating behaviours and reduction in the speed of eating.


What Dieting Means to Most People:

  • Conflicting and confusing information
  • Often having to eliminate a one or more major food groups
  • Constant testing of willpower and consequent feelings of guilt and inferiority when the diet fails
  • Stressful and often all-consuming leading to obsessions about food
  • Can alienate single members of a family and make social situations difficult.
  • Food no longer becomes a mindful pleasure but just mindless refuelling
  • Can involve tiresome contracts, ongoing expense and sales pressure

What the Waitplate Sytem can do for You:


  • Restore Hunger/Satiety mechanism (So you know when you are full)
  • Reduce the amount of food consumed (25% – 30%) and hence less calories
  • Is nutritionally balanced and adaptable depending on your personal food preferences
  • Reproducible at all meals and even when eating out or on holiday
  • Restores personal responsibility for your own health
  • Tailor-made for activity levels, age and gender (Children from the age of 6 can benefit from learning about appropriate portion control)
  • Designed to produce positive learned eating behaviour and restore mindful eating
  • Has no ongoing expenses – The Waitplate System is with you always


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