pizza and cake template for portion sizes

Keep Your Food Simple

It sounds simplistic but eating and maintaining a healthy weight should not be complicated. For thousands of years we didn’t food- combine, obsess about protein, take copious amounts of supplements or spend large amounts of money on a myriad of supposed ‘superfoods’.


Nor did we have an obesity epidemic like the one we are seeing now in the Western world. We know more about nutrition and weight control than ever before, yet as a nation we are getting fatter and fatter. Perhaps we are now ‘switching off’ because of information overload. Conflicting information at that!

Natural unprocessed and fresh foods are superfoods. They are real food that your body recognises and craves. Introduce more fresh produce into your diet and watch your energy levels improve.


Be the master of your own health destiny. You can’t go wrong with fresh produce eaten in healthy portions. Keep your portion sizes under control and slow your eating speed down using the Waitplate System and you will lose unwanted pounds.



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