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Kelly Arbuckle: BA (Psych) – CEO and developer of the Waitplate System

I have always been interested in health and nutrition. Not the diet obsessed kind of interest but more looking at the whole picture. To me eating is such a multifactorial event and food is just a part of the story.

Having completed a BA in Psychology in my thirties I decided to branch into Life coaching but somehow my life got in the way. By that I mean three teenagers, a new baby, a husband with a busy medical practice, numerous pets, parents, renovations…… the list goes on. It is the same for all of us. But through it all I have always relied on my philosophy of keeping things simple and believe in using common sense when working through any problem or challenge. I shy away from complication and always bring things back to their lowest common denominator. It is my way of viewing the world and it has worked for me. My husband calls me a “simpliphile”. I think it is a backhanded compliment but I have learned to like the term. Sometimes I really feel we just overthink just about everything including our health and our weight.

It is this need to avoid complication that gave me the idea that weight management and a healthy eating attitude requires it to be obvious and uncomplicated to people. That way healthy eating behaviours will be viewed positively, maintained throughout life and not interfere with the myriad of other stuff we all have to contend with. I’ve wondered over the years what different people think about when they eat and does their eating behaviour also reflect the eating attitude?

Over the years having always been a keen observer of people I had noticed some really interesting things relating to different eating styles. Like how naturally very lean people tend to eat really slowly and are picky with their food. On the contrary I noticed how very overweight people seem to eat in a hurried disorganised fashion, often gazing off into the distance seemingly unaware of how much food they were consuming. I began to wonder if people were aware of how they ate. It occurred to me that eating style correlated quite strongly with weight. Most of us have no idea what we look like when we eat, what our eating posture is or how fast we eat. These are the behaviours I found interesting. If someone becomes mindful of these poor eating behaviours and corrects them, would more positive food choices and eating behaviours result? So after much research and contemplation, the Waitplate System began to evolve.

If I am honest, throughout my life I have never even lasted one day following a very restrictive diet. Somehow I started out full of motivation but by mid- afternoon I had lost interest (They call it hunger) and by evening the diet was history. I always felt guilty and despondent and the very next day I would vow to do it again. Ridiculous! This isn’t living. High protein diet, food combing, weight loss powders, pre-packaged food, diet pills, fasting, points, calorie counting (can be very unreliable), gels that swell in your stomach, lap banding, gastric bypass (in 12 year olds!), excessive exercise, low-fat, no-sugar, fruit only, juices only…. The list goes on and on and very few of these diets are sustainable long term.  Half the world is starving and we have to devise methods to stop eating ourselves to death. When the simple truth is that most of the longest living and healthy people in the world eat very little and what they do eat is: 1. close to how nature intended and 2. In small portions when they are hungry. Do you ever get the feeling we have been seriously over thinking this whole diet thing!

The Waitplate is all about making it simple and keeping it that way.

Choosing healthy foods as close to nature as possible, implementing portion reduction and eating that food in a controlled and mindful manner is what Waitplate is all about.

Although appearing simple, this common-sense approach had to be backed by science.  It took over four years of scientific research, design and development to perfect the Waitplate System.

I consider myself very lucky to have my husband Doctor John Arbuckle, a well-known and respected anti-aging and cosmetic physician assisting me in developing this concept as well as providing ongoing support and valuable knowledge in this field. His contribution to the development of the Waitplate System has enabled us to bring you a weight loss and weight management program you and your family can use for life, not just to the end of a contract or box of diet pills. It is sustainable, educational and user friendly. We will continue to bring out many more Waitplate products in the future to help you in your quest for a healthy life where you are the one in control.

Kelly Arbuckle - Founder

Kelly Arbuckle – Waitplate Inventor and CEO