Mindful Eating: Slow down everyone…

The Waitplate System really encourages not only changes in eating behavior but also changes in attitude towards food and the eating process.

For any new behavior to be permanent it must first be learned then practiced over a few weeks. The aim is to create harmony with food, joy in eating and satisfaction in smaller portions. To attain this we have to renew our love and appreciation for the food we eat and those we choose to share that food with. Sound too “out there”? Not really. When we have gratitude for the food we eat, prepare that food with love and eat it with those we care about we create harmony with the eating process. Following the simple but precise rules of the Waitplate System will assist you to slow down your speed of eating, chew more mindfully, improve digestion substantially and re- connect with that part of you that wants to be a gracious and appreciative eater. Some important things to consider when you consume any meal…..relax….take your time……be present……taste……enjoy……..savour…….be grateful…….rate your hunger…. truly experience every bite……be an elegant eater…….eat only what you need not just what you want.  Give thanks. When we embrace mindful eating we nourish not only our bodies but also our spirits and replenish ourselves with energy and joy. So start today. Be gentle with yourself and slow down your eating a little more each day. Remember, chew your food until it becomes a liquid and is swallowed involuntarily. I promise it will aid digestion and you will feel fuller on much less food.

Even when you have a small meal like a sand-which or snack, take one moment to appreciate the aroma of the food, then take a small bite and concentrate on the taste. Slow your chewing rate down and relax even if only for a few minutes. This process re-programs your eating behavior over time. I know this will be hard for some people initially but with practice it will become second nature.

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