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size of your plate making you overeat Waitplate

Is the size of your plate making you overeat?

At Waitplate we talk a lot about the psychology behind food and how sensible eating comes down to retraining our brain and eating habits. One of those habits is re-educating our brain to understand portion sizes visually (as seen through our portion control plates). In the Western World in particular, we have become conditioned into […]

Clock genes and weight gain - Waitplate

‘Clock genes’ and weight gain

Everyone of us has a ‘body clock.’ It’s the special genes that us humans have to ensure our body and brain are getting enough rest and enough nutrients to function.  These special genes are actually clocked ‘clock genes‘ and are the reason for us maintaining a reoccurring circadian rhythm that regulates our other genes. As […]

Michelle Bridges ABC Australian Story

Michelle Bridges speaks out about childhood obesity on ABC’s Australian Story

Childhood obesity is a hot topic and with good reason. There is an estimated 1.5 million people in Australia under the age of 18 that are considered overweight or obese. This transcends into approximately 20-25% of Australian children being overweight or obese. Alarmingly, if this trends continues one third of Australian children will be obese […]

jamie oliver soft drink tax

UK taxes sugary drinks as childhood obesity figures continue to increase

The United Kingdom government has announced that as of 2018 there will be a tax on any drinks with more than 5 grams of sugar per every 100ml.  The announcement comes as the problem of childhood obesity in the United Kingdom continues to rise as well as ongoing health issues from the over-consumption of sugary […]