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Eating Posture

Correcting Eating Posture Our bodies perform many tasks each day. For each of those tasks our bodies are required to be in different positions and constantly adjusted for the ease of those tasks. When we eat our meals during the day we unconsciously and continually adjust our eating posture to accommodate the eating process.   […]


The Mirror Test

Are you an Elegant Eater? Posture and chewing style may affect your weight and height. This exercise assesses eating styles, letting you know the kind of eater you are.   To start, prepare a full meal and sit in front of a mirror large enough to see your upper body at least. Eating a snack […]


Hunger Satiety / Physiology

Weight control mechanisms are inherent in our physiology. It is we as a modern, time poor and lazy society that have overridden those mechanisms.   The main culprits are constant upsizing of food, poor apportionment of calories and hence nutrients and the recently researched phenomenon of – not just fast food – but fast eating! […]