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Welcome back to sensible eating!

Waitplate’s Eating Behavior App is ideal for anyone who cares about their health and weight. Become a lean, mindful and elegant eater.

The Waitplate app includes three simple and effective tools that can be used anywhere and at any time to develop lifelong healthy eating habits.

Developed and backed by qualified experts, this coaching app will enable you to quickly improve your eating habits with sensible and sustainable modifications.

Tools included in the app will:

  • Limit calorie intake and aid digestion by reducing your speed of eating.
    By using the Waitplate Timer you will restore your ability to instinctively know when you have eaten enough.
    (Your hunger/satiety response) Chew correctly – Eat less without feeling hungry.
  • Assist you to understand the different types of hunger you experience and show you how to satisfy them without compromising your health.
  • Enable you to improve your eating style and learn the best position for eating by using the “Mirror Eating” tool to watch yourself eat.

Tips are provided on how to improve your eating style, posture and behavior and the benefits which result from simple adjustments.

Inside this app you will also find great links to more information by

​The Waitplate System as well as more tools to achieve sustainable and healthy eating habits.

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