Protein – The Not-So-Skinny Truths

When it comes to weight loss, carbohydrates have always been seen as the thing to avoid. But did you know protein can be just as damaging to the bathroom scales?

Protein is one of those sneaky weight-gainers that many of us are not aware of. In fact, many fad diets will promote the fact that you can eat as much protein as you like, if you’re carbohydrate consumption is kept to a minimum.

The truth is that most sources of natural protein are  high in kilojoules or saturated fats. If you are depending on those ‘healthy’ protein bars from the health food shop you are also adding alcohol sugars (sorbital, mannitol, etc) to the mix which can often cause bloating and gas for sensitive stomachs.

Never fear, there is a way you can get the protein your body needs if you just follow these few rules:

  • Protein should be approximately 30% of your total kilojoule intake which equates to 80-100g (half a chicken breast) of protein per day for the average female.
  • Protein slows down digestion and releases insulin which is the hormone that regulates fat metabolism, so make sure you incorporate a bit of protein into your breakfast for the best start to the day.
  • Avoid high protein snacks as these are produced for the gym junkies who are using up large amounts of energy and wanting to keep some of their muscle weight on. The protein bars are usually covered in chocolate to help with the flavor which is high in saturated fats.
  • If choosing a protein powder, avoid anything with ‘ide’ or ‘ade’ in the ingredients list. You want to look for the most natural options where there are vitamins and minerals listed.
  • Use your Waitplate Portion Control Plate and your Waitplate Protein Templates to keep your protein portion sizes in check. The Protein Templates have separate designs for male and female catering for the variance of protein required for Him and Her. They can be used over any solid form of protein (fish, steak, chicken, etc) and will assist you in conditioning your eating habits to the correct portion size.
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