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Sensible Eating – it’s actually really easy!

Eating should be one of those things in life we enjoy but these days, we find a lot of the joy is sucked out of the experience.  This is for many reasons:

  • Calorie counting
  • Allergies/intolerance’s
  • Poor meal planning
  • Fast food
  • Cooking for the family
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Time management

So how do we get back to enjoying our mealtimes? The answer is easy, simplify your expectations and take it all back to good ol’ sensible eating.  But how? Well here’s a few tips to get the ball rolling and hopefully help you in making your mealtimes less chaotic and more sensible.

Plan your meals: This sounds pretty obvious but it still can be neglected when we find we run out of time and just wander around the supermarket aimlessly grabbing items we think we’ll use.  Sit down with a cup of tea and write out the meals and draw up a calendar of the week ahead so you know exactly what you have planned.  Take into account that some afternoons might be busier than others with after-school activities and commitments so ensure you keep those meals simple.

Experiment with different meals: There’s no point getting annoyed at the lack of variety in your weekly menu or the fact that little Johnny is turning his nose up at your spinach pie – every week!  The world of healthy (and easy) meal ideas is at your fingertips.  Find a blog or website that offers healthy meal options or just use Google and type in some suggestions. Get adventurous and try some new foods and make meal time exciting for everyone!

Online shopping: While we may not be able to get everything we want with online shopping, it’s such a great time saver to keep things simple. It will stop those impromptu purchases too that we know we don’t need!

Include the family with meal preparation: There is no reason why the kids or husband can’t help out with dinner. It will make the experience fun for everyone and give the family some ownership of the meal and food choices on their plate.  It will also help the kids understand portion control with how much food everyone actually needs.