Spring Has Sprung

We’ve all heard of the New Year Resolution but at Waitplate, we like to do things a little differently. We believe one of the best times of year to kick start your healthy lifestyle is in Spring when the sun is out, the flowers are in bloom and the temperature is just right.


There are many reasons why starting your healthy eating resolution before the festive season is better than New Years Day:

* You have already re-trained your eating habits.

* You have the knowledge on portion control and know how much you are allowed to indulge.

* You can enjoy eating outdoors when it’s not sweltering in heat or freezing with cold.

* You are not starting your healthy lifestyle on a negative note of “I have to loose weight because of all the kilo’s I put on over Christmas.”

* You are preventing yourself from having a ‘blow out’ over the holidays with the idea in your head of “I’ll be good after Christmas and New Years has finished.”

* In Spring there is no excuse of eating comfort food to warm you up or consuming lots of the bad stuff because it’s the festive season.

* If you have started your Waitplate Journey in Spring, you will be a lot happier and healthier over Summer knowing that you already have the tools in place for a healthy lifestyle.


The best piece of advise when it comes to your health overall, is to be proactive rather than reactive. Get those healthy eating habits in place now and you’ll be ready to roll out the red carpet for Summer!



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