The Mirror Test

Are you an Elegant Eater?

Posture and chewing style may affect your weight and height. This exercise assesses eating styles, letting you know the kind of eater you are.


To start, prepare a full meal and sit in front of a mirror large enough to see your upper body at least. Eating a snack may not give you enough time to determine your eating style. To spot issues that you need to resolve, eat as you normally do.


Here are some things you need to observe when performing the Waitplate Mirror Test:

    • Observe your mouth and chewing style. Do you take overly big bites? Does your mouth open and shut continuously to accommodate the food?
      WAITPLATE HEALTHY HINT: Take small bites, so you do not have to open your mouth while chewing. The Waitplate Portion Control Cutlery decreases the amount of food you can put in your mouth at any one time.
    • Notice if you inhale too much air as you take in food. Do you stop constantly when chewing to take in air through your mouth? This behaviour puts you at risk of developing gas and gastric reflux problems.
      WAITPLATE HEALTHY HINT: To breathe normally through your nose while eating, consider taking small bites, as they require less effort. Reduce anxiety during meals or postpone mealtime until you can eat in a relaxed setting.
    • Assess the appearance of your mouth. Does it look stretched when you chew, as you take very large mouthful of food? Observe your facial muscles and jaw. How are they moving? Are you having a difficult time chewing?
      WAITPLATE HEALTHY HINT: You can decrease the movement of your mouth by taking small mouthfuls and eating slowly. Chew food until it mixes well with the saliva, making it easier to swallow. As a guide, consider chewing food twenty times per bite. For a healthy eating pattern and slower eating speed, consider getting the Waitplate Chew Mate.
    • Evaluate the rate at which you chew. Many individuals eat too fast, going beyond the ideal rate of one second per chew.
      WAITPLATE HEALTHY HINT: The Waitplate CHEW MATE corrects this problem, as it changes your chewing rate, allowing you to re-establish control over your eating.
    • Check if you are chewing with your mouth open or eating noisily. Do you produce loud chewing or slurping sounds?
      WAITPLATE HEALTHY HINT: You can correct these problems with the help of The Waitplate Chewmate and Waitplate Cutlery.
    • Determine if you are relaxed and mindful of your food during mealtime. Are you aware of the flow of your breath and the flavours and textures of your food or do you barely notice anything, as you eat on autopilot? This kind of eating is common, as many individuals have forgotten the proper way to engage with their food.
      WAITPLATE HEALTHY HINT: Be mindful of your eating habits and appreciate every mouthful you take. Focus on the taste and texture of the food. When you learn to appreciate dishes, you will enjoy your food better and be calmer during mealtimes, allowing you to eat less.
    • Check if you hold your breath when chewing so you do not have to pause while eating.
      WAITPLATE HEALTHY HINT: The Waitplate System recommends slowing your chewing rate and breathing normally through the nose. Eating fast and holding your breath is common in compulsive eating. Fast and compulsive eaters may not even be aware that they have this habit.
    • Evaluate your posture while you are eating. Do you slouch with your chin forward and shoulders rounded or do you sit up straight with your head in line with your body? Do you bend forward to greet your food or bring it up to your mouth? Your posture says many things about your relationship with food.

For more information on correcting your eating posture, click WAITPLATE CORRECT EATING POSTURE

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