Tis The Season To Indulge

Yes it’s that time of year again where the healthy eating gets flung out of the window as the invitations for Christmas drinks, BBQ’s with friends or dinner at restaurants come flooding in.


So how to we prevent a Christmas blow-out on the scales? Easy. You can have anything you want, as long as it’s in moderation. It’s a wonderful time of year and you want to spend it celebrating with friends and family and that usually does involve large consumption of food an alcohol.


Here’s a few tips that will help you through:


Keep it simple: Don’t mix your drinks and ensure you’re eating in between drinks. Red Wine is the ‘healthiest’ alcohol option.


Keep hydrated:  Always drink lots of water. This will help suppress the appetite, keep your energy up during the summer heat and is especially important if you are drinking alcohol. You will thank yourself the morning after.


Keep it organised: ‘Meal plan’ your month. Look at your calendar and pick one or two events that you will ‘let your hair down’ so to speak. Stick to it. You will appreciate these particular occasions much more and all of the ones in between if you are managing your meal consumption, alcohol intake and even your energy levels.


Keep on track: It’s very easy when temptation is knocking on your door to throw all of those healthy eating habits to one side. But just remember, they are habits and your body has conditioned to function on healthy eating through your Waitplate system. When you are feeling happy and healthy, take note of that feeling and reflect back on it when the ‘unhealthy’ voice rears it’s ugly head.


And last but not least, have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – and Enjoy Yourself!


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