Waitplate on The Go

We all know that when we go on holidays our healthy eating habits more often than not, take a break as well!

At Waitplate, we understand and encourage you to indulge in those ‘sometimes’ foods and drinks, our emphasis is on moderation and portion control to ensure you keep that balance and enjoyment of food.

We also understand that those using the Waitplate system are doing so for a lifestyle change more than anything else, even if they are on holidays. To ensure you can have the best of both worlds, we have just released an attractive travel wallet which is included in our Waitplate Portion Control tableware box.

You can take your portion cutlery with you to restaurants or on Holidays. Never cheat on a meal again! Smaller bites of food chewed for longer encourage healthy digestion and reduce overall food consumption, Mindful eating is encouraged. The unique knife, spoon and fork are specifically designed to reduce the amount of food being put into the mouth at any one time (bite size).

portion control cutlery 2

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