For years we’ve tried to lose weight, but being classic procrastinators, we usually found an excuse not to begin. It was always someone’s birthday, or some special holiday celebration and over the years, each celebration somehow managed to link into the next one and instead of losing weight, our weight ballooned  to the point where we were unable to function properly in every day life.

Hubby suffered a spinal injury and the extra weight caused so much more pain, and I ate whenever I was feeling sad… or worried… or even bored and ended up HUGE!

Years later we finally found ourselves sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Enough was enough, but then we were faced with the dilemma of which diet to choose! Diet shakes? fruit only? one of the many commercial diets?… we were so over dieting!!!

I decided to ask our local GP for advice. He told me straight and rather grimly, “the only thing I would prescribe for you would be gastric sleeving”… I was shocked. Had we really let ourselves go that far?!?

Soon after that I heard about Waitplate and as I was watching the video I just knew it was for us. Finally something made perfect sense to me!

We could eat whatever I wanted, with Waitplate, and still lose weight. Nowadays, we can just take our special cutlery along wherever we go, with the timer and sometimes the little cake template as a reminder. When we’re at home, the templates are so easy to use, and they help stop us from serving ourselves too much food when we’re tired and a little complacent with portion sizes. Waitplate takes the struggle out of weight loss and healthy eating.. and makes a healthy diet simple and entertaining.

Well only a couple of months on and I’ve lost 15kg, and my husband (who can’t exercise at all because of his spinal condition) has lost 10kg… Not bad going considering we had attended 3 all-you-can-eat buffets just this month alone with family and friends.

We have found that  Waitplate is simple, it’s affordable (it pays for itself just in the extra food you save the first month) and it works!!!

We have a long way to go, but we know that we’ll reach our goal because the first part of our weight loss journey has been so easy with Waitplate.

– Loretta


Amie Dunn - Waitpalte TestimonialI study fulltime and work fulltime, and still live with my parents. Even with rushing through meals and not having great control over what I eat as I eat what my mother prepares, I still found the Waitplate System extremely helpful in regards to correct portion sizes and slowing down the speed of my eating. I have found that I only have to look at the food templates now and I know how much to eat.


I am trying to make each meal at least 50% plant foods. Even though I often have to read textbooks while I am eating, the flashing lights of the Waitplate timer bring my attention back to the task at hand that is slowing down my eating. I do feel full on much less food. I would heartily recommend the Waitplate System to people from all walks of life.


  – Amie Dunn 21, Runaway Bay, Gold Coast.


When I learned of the Waitplate System from my colleague, Dr. John Arbuckle, and researched it further, what impressed me most was that this was a true lifestyle change for people wishing to embark on healthy weight management for life. It is a genuine innovation, based on medicine health science and psychology. I recommend its use.


– Dr. Chris McLellan


I now eat smaller mouthfuls and smaller portions of the foods I love. I make healthy food choices with the result being that I am two dress sizes smaller and feel fabulous. I will never “diet’ again.


– Caroline, 31

My husband and I feel very inspired because we have been given the tools to enhance our new way of eating.


– Paul and Zara, QLD

I have become conscious of the importance of portion sizes and bite size and I realise now how much food I actually don’t need which is quite surprising.


– Mike, 29

Personally speaking Waitplate is the most effective health benefit I have ever had. I see it as a gift to finally understand that healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated.


– Fran, 42