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Waitplate Chewing Timer

The Waitplate Chewing Timer is an innovative and intelligent device that addresses issues on eating faster than the recommended speed, one of the factors that cause adult obesity. It is the first visual aid on the market that re-educates users on the ideal eating speed, resulting in optimum eating self- regulation.

Using the Waitplate Chewing Timer

Press the green activation button to start using the timer for snacks or full meals. Chew your first mouthful of food when the green light starts to flash. Chew your food at the same time that the light flashes, about one chew per second. After a minute and thirty seconds, the light will turn red, signalling you to stop eating. Set the cutlery down and rest for about a minute. Assess your hunger while resting. Periods of rest during meals restore the hunger/satiety response of your body, allowing you to determine when you are getting full and can stop eating. Resume eating when the light flashes green again. Follow the sequence until the timer ends, which is about eighteen to twenty minutes for full meals. This is the length of time it takes the body to register fullness. For snacks, consider using the timer for ten minutes.

Benefits of Using the Waitplate Chewing Timer

The timer prevents overeating, as it gives your body the opportunity to determine when it is full. As you eat slowly and learn to pause constantly throughout the meal, you will feel satiated while consuming less food.

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