Waitplate For the Whole Family

The beauty of the Waitplate system is that it is tailored for a particular age group, gender or size. The motive of the Waitplate is to re-educate the bodys eating habits and improve general health and lifestyle.


How much easier would this be for adults if we had the idea of portion control and moderation instilled in us when we were young, especially if it was made into a bit of fun.


The Waitplate templates are designed to be a bright and exciting addition into your kitchen and on your dinner plate. Children watch everything we do and pick up our habits both good and bad. If your children are included in your good habits such as helping serve out dinner, this will help them later in life.


The benefits of the Waitplate for the whole family:

* Children can start to learn about eating foods in moderation (using the baked goods / cake template)

* Everyone can understand the importance of having different food groups included at every meal (Waitplate Dinner Plate)

* Makes eating a fun and enjoyable experience. Allow the kids to be part of the meal preparation and serving of the meals in allowing them a sense of responsibility on the choices they make.


Bon Appetite!


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