Waitplate in the Workplace

It’s Friday and today Debbie in accounts is bringing in a huge chocolate mud-cake for her birthday and your boss is shouting the office subway for lunch before heading off to the pub for some drinks and a pub meal. Your brain is going into overload adding up all of these calories!

But before you call in a sickie, remember, you can enjoy and keep all of these office treats under control. It’s all about moderation remember?

Perfect for office birthday cakes or Friday Pizza day. Or use the Waitplate Bread Template to give you an accurate portion size for café bought (oversized) sandwiches and rolls. Take the left over portion home or share with a friend and save yourself a whole lot of unwanted calories.

Keep a set of Waitplate Portion Control Food Templates hanging up in your office tea room to help remind your workmates what ideal portions of everyday foods should look like. Soooo easy!

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