Why Are We Getting Bigger and Bigger?

Obesity was a sporadic and uncommon problem in the past – so what is so different now?

  • Portion Sizes: Doubled and often tripled in the last 30 years.
  • Activity Levels Down: Walking was something everyone did every day. Now we have to allocate time to walk or go into an artificial environment (a gym) to simply do what humans were designed to do….move.
  • Meal Times: What once was a social landmark in the day and looked forward to by family members is fast becoming a thing of the past. Eating in front of the TV without social interaction to break up the eating process encourages people to eat too much. The Waitplate System addresses this problem.
  • Human Intervention of Food: Instinctively our bodies crave nutritious natural foods with minimal or no human intervention in terms of processing. A home cooked meal of salad, steamed veg and a piece of fresh fish is pretty well the perfect meal.
  • New Physiologically Unrecognisable “Foods”: Since the Agricultural Revolution man has constantly aspired to process foods to the extent that it is cheap to make, has long shelf life and will not perish. Some foods like trans-fats, margarines and high fructose corn syrup are processed to such an extent that the body’s systems do not even recognise them as food.
  • Over Complication and Conflicting Information: We are so bombarded by conflicting nutritional information that many of us have simply tuned out due to the confusion of trying to digest it all.
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