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Why sustaining your weight as just as important as losing it

Many diets or eating plans have a primary focus on loosing weight but then once the weight is lost, many people are left to their own devices which means they more often than not, end up back with their own eating habits.  Eating habits are actually behaviours learned and as with any behaviour – or habit – it takes the body and mind a long to completely readjust.

Signing up to a weightloss challenge or a specifically tailored eating plan for a few months is a great start, however the time when we need the most support is actually after the eating plan or challenge has finished. You need to sustain all of that hard work you did and you need tools to help you.

It is actually extremely unhealthy and even dangerous to continuously fluctuate in weight with some possible health risks including:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Gallbladder infections
  • Anxiety and depression

In order to lose and sustain your ultimate weight, it is helpful to have a good support network around you either in family or with particular weight management tools. The Waitplate System is the perfect solution for those who have done the hard work and need some assistance in sticking to a healthy and balanced diet.

The beauty of The Waitplate system is that it is designed as a stand alone system but is also versatile enough to compliment other weight management programs you may have embarked on. Several members of our Waitplate family were referred to us by their GP’s who actually recommended The Waitplate system after lap band surgery.

The Waitplate System focuses on re-educating your habits back into sensible eating by using the simple yet effective angle of portion control. There is no end of subscription, or time period where you have to give your Waitplate System back. Once you have it, it is yours and it will always be there to help you on your journey to a healthy life.

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sensible eating waitplate